Texas Press Association

Texas Press Association is the voice of the state’s newspaper industry.

The association promotes the welfare of Texas newspapers, encourages higher standards of journalism, and plays an important role in protecting the public’s right to know as an advocate of First Amendment liberties.

TPA is one of the nation’s oldest and largest newspaper trade associations. As of April 2014, TPA represents 463 paid-circulation newspapers in publication — 75 dailies and 388 non-dailies.

More than 135 years ago, 77 Texas newspaper publishers made the long journey across Texas to the fledgling town of Houston to establish a state press organization. On May 19, 1880, the association was founded, and J.W. Fishburn of the Mexia Ledger was elected the first president. Today, TPA continues to be the trusted source that Texas publishers turn to for information on editorial, advertising, postal, legal and legislative issues.

TPA is a non-profit trade association with two affiliates: Texas Press Service Inc., the for-profit advertising and sales arm of TPA; and the Texas Newspaper Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. TNF supports education and training opportunities for working journalists.

Texas Press Association is governed by a 30-member board of directors. This diverse group is composed of five elected officers, the executive director, six elected directors, eight appointed directors and 10 officers from the state’s five regional press associations. With the assistance of volunteer committees, the support of its officers and directors and strong cooperation from members, TPA staff provide a comprehensive service program that fosters strong newspapers.

Glenn Rea

Glenn Rea
The Cuero Record

Randy Keck

First Vice President
Randy Keck
The Community News

Second Vice President
Patrick Canty
Odessa American

Laurie Ezzell Brown

Laurie Brown
Canadian Record

Randy Mankin

Randy Mankin
The Eldorado Success

Mike Hodges

Executive Director
Mike Hodges
Texas Press Association


Bill Patterson, Denton Record-Chronicle (2018)
Sue Brown, Pleasanton Express (2018)
Neice Bell, New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (2017)
Mike Winter, The Bowie News (2017)
Jeff Berger, Hondo Anvil Herald (2016)
David Compton, Brownwood Bulletin (2016)


Libby Averyt, Corpus Christi Caller Times
Lisa Chappell, Greenville Herald-Banner
Ken Cooke, Fredericksburg Standard
Bill Crist, Snyder Daily News
Brenda Miller-Fergerson, The Pasadena Citizen 
Jim Moser, Jackson County Herald-Tribune
Danny Reneau, Silsbee Bee
Terry Schaub, Katy Times


North & East Texas Press Association
President: Jessica Woodall, Kilgore News Herald
VP: Suzanne Bardwell, Gladewater Mirror

Panhandle Press Association
President: Ashlee Estlack, Clarendon Enterprise
VP: Larry Thornton, Muleshoe Journal

South Texas Press Association
President: Kathy Cooke, Rockdale Reporter
VP: Kim Jung, Fredericksburg Standard

Texas Gulf Coast Press Association
President: Sue Brown, Pleasanton Express
VP: Ramona Ferguson, Banner Press Newspaper

West Texas Press Association
President: Randy Mankin, Eldorado Success
VP: J.L. Mankin, Big Lake Wildcat

TPA Staff

Periodicals Consultant: Joel Allis
Executive Vice President: Donnis Baggett
Advertising Consultant: Katie Butler
Sales Manager: Patty Gardner
Controller/Office Manager: Stephanie Hearne
Executive Director: Micheal Hodges
Publications Manager:  Priscilla Loebenberg
Administrative Assistant: Donna Shaw
Member Services Director: Ed Sterling

Texas Press Association is a trade association that offers member services to newspapers in Texas.

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP is extended to newspapers that maintain a Periodicals-Class mailing permit from the US Postal Service AND meet the following requirements: publish news of general interest, publish at least weekly, publish in Texas and maintain a paid-circulation. Download Active Membership application here.

PARTICIPATING MEMBERSHIP is extended to newspapers that maintain a Periodicals-Class mailing permit from the US Postal Service AND meet any three of the four following requirements: publish news of general interest, publish at least weekly, publish in Texas and maintain a paid-circulation. This would include special interest paid periodicals, community newspapers that publish less than weekly, out-of-state newspapers and community newspapers that carry a Requester Periodical mailing permit. Download Participating Membership application here.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is extended to firms engaged in the sale or distribution of newspaper supplies or services, to commercial printing firms, to advertising agencies, to other related newspaper vendors and to departments of journalism at recognized Texas Universities. Download Associate Membership application here.

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP is provided to individuals who were active in the association as either a newspaper employee or associate member and are no longer employed. This provides a way to for these former members to stay connected into retirement. Download Individual Membership application here.

Applications for membership should be directed to Michael Hodges, Executive Director, Texas Press Association, 305 S Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78704, (fax to 512-477-6759).

Q: How many newspapers are in Texas?
There are 463 paid-circulation newspapers in the state, including 75 dailies and 388 weeklies and semiweeklies.

Q: What is the Texas Press Association?
Texas Press Association is a trade organization representing more than 450 member newspapers through the common goal of preserving and promoting the future of newspapers in the state. Founded in 1880, TPA is one of the nation's oldest and largest newspaper trade associations.

From the TPA office at 305 S. Congress Avenue in Austin, the 11-person professional staff directs a host of services for members and serves as the first point of contact for advertisers and advertising agencies, public relation firms, governmental agencies, members of the public and others seeking information on Texas newspapers.

The association is governed by a set of bylaws and is overseen by a 30-member board of directors that represent the leaders of the newspaper industry in Texas.

Q: Which newspapers can be members of Texas Press Association?
Active membership is limited to those publications that meet the legal criteria spelled out by Texas statutes and that qualify for periodical mailing privileges from the United States Postal Service. Membership applications may bedownloaded here.

Q: Which newspapers qualify to receive legal notices in Texas?
Newspapers must meet the criteria spelled out under the Government Code of the Texas Statutes.

Q: How can I contact an individual newspaper in Texas?
Start by using our online database. You can search by newspaper name, city, county or frequency of publication (daily or non-daily.) Each record links to a page with information about the newspaper.

Q: What are the largest newspapers in Texas by circulation?
The top 20 daily and non-daily newspapers are determined by figures reported on a newspaper's Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation (PS Form 3526) filed each year with the United States Postal Service. The figures represent the total paid and requested circulation the newspaper maintains and reports to the USPS. TPA does not calculate newspaper circulation.

Associate membership is extended to firms engaged in the sale or distribution of newspaper supplies or services directly related to the production of newspapers, commercial printing firms, advertising agencies and departments of journalism in recognized schools and colleges. Dues are $300 per year. Download associate member application.

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More than 120 men and women have lead the association since its inception in 1880. In the early days, the president managed association affairs for the membership. TPA hired its first full-time executive director in 1947. The TPA president is elected by the general membership at each annual Summer Convention and serves one year until the close of the next summer meeting. The TPA president is the highest elected official in the association and is granted honorary membership for life after completing his or her term.

Texas Daily Newspaper Association (1921-2012)

A history of the organization is provided in "Celebrating Seventy-Five Years of Service and Leadership" by John H. Murphy, executive vice president 1952-1984.

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