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(ROCKPORT-FULTON, TX) – A book chronicling what happened when Hurricane Harvey first hit the shores of Aransas County, through the storm's first anniversary, has been released by Mike Probst, editor and publisher of The Rockport Pilot, Aransas County's semi-weekly newspaper.

On Aug. 16, hundreds of newspapers across the country responded to a call for editorials emphasizing the role of a free press the country's history as a democracy and reminding readers that journalists are not the enemy of the people.

Members are reminded PS Form 3526, Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation, must be filed by Sept. 30 with the post office where newspapers are mailed.
In addition, the statement must be published during the month of October.

The U.S. Department of Commerce's Aug. 2 reduction of tariffs imposed earlier this year on Canadian newsprint won't relieve the burden on newspapers, industry officials say.

National Newspaper Association President-Elect Andrew S. Johnson, publisher of the Dodge County (WI) Pionier, yesterday told the International Trade Commission that tariffs on Canadian newsprint had inflicted severe damage upon community newspapers.

Seventeen members of Congress, including Bill Flores of Texas' 17th District, are scheduled to testify before the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) Tuesday to defend 600,000 American workers in the newspaper, retail, printing and publishing industries, along with the millions of Americans who read local newspapers.

Carla has been selling advertising for many years. She has researched and tried a variety of techniques to answer objections. “Just about everybody knows the Feel-Felt-Found formula,” she said. “When a prospect makes an objection – about price, for example – the response is, ‘I understand how you feel. Many others have felt the same way.

On July 17, the International Trade Commission will hear testimony on the preliminary newsprint tariffs imposed in January and March on Canadian newsprint.
TPA and other members of a national coalition have been lobbying members of Congress to testify against making the tariffs permanent.

A government reform plan released by the Trump Administration proposes privatizing the US Postal Service and suggests a privately held postal service would reduce delivery days per week to “central locations” instead of individual street addresses.