Total Newsroom Training

Apply by May 15, 2016 for Total Newsroom Training

Total Newsroom Training is a grant-based customized training program for small and medium-sized newsrooms. Over the past three years IRE has trained nearly 400 journalists from two dozen newsrooms around the country. Our trainers immerse themselves into these newsrooms and provide two days of on-site training along with consultations and webinars after they leave.  See which newsrooms have received TNT training in previous years.    

What TNT from IRE offers

Total Newsroom Training is designed to increase the ability of your news organization to provide watchdog and enterprise coverage for your community and to produce work that can lead to changes and improvements in those communities.

For two days we provide custom training in your newsroom based on the needs of your organization. We’ll provide hands-on training using Microsoft Excel and Access for spreadsheet and data analysis, as well as other database management software. TNT presentations and discussions may include:

  • Finding information online
  • Key government documents
  • Examining businesses and nonprofits
  • How to obtain public records
  • Ethical decisions in investigative reporting
  • Getting what you need out of sources
  • Conducting quick-hit investigations
  • Ensuring accuracy

IRE works with reporters and editors to help them launch stories and projects. This can involve brainstorming, story planning, sourcing, etc. We will also be available to consult with reporters, editors and producers from the news organizations in the months following training.  

Please note that winning newsrooms will need to provide a projector, laptops/computers for attendees and be committed to allowing a significant portion of the staff to attend the entire training. The winning newsrooms will attend a webinar later on in the year to showcase their work.  Dates of the training will be coordinated with the winning newsrooms and trainer.   


The program is meant to help small to medium-size news organizations improve the depth of their coverage and is open to organizations meeting the following criteria: For newspapers and magazines, circulation of 100,000 and below For broadcast, markets below the Top 20 For online-only organizations, sites with local or regional audiences  

2016 Application

This free training program requires a commitment and desire for a watchdog culture from management. The application must be completed by the editor, news director or equivalent. Deadline is 11:00 pm CDT on May 15, 2016. If you have any questions, please contact Megan Luther

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