Area of Law(20 items): Utilities

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Code Content of Notice
22.51-1 Utility provider, notice in a proceeding seeking a rate increase --- (read law)
22.52 Applicant, notice in electric licensing proceedings --- (read law)
24.106 Applicant, notice and mapping requirements for certificate of convenience and necessity applications, issuance or amendment of a certificate of public convenience and necessity --- (read law)
24.109 Report of sale, merger, etc.; investigation; disallowance of transaction, notice, if notice is not waived by TCEQ --- (read law)
24.112 Transfer of Certificate of Convenience and Necessity, applicant's option to publish notice in a newspaper in area in which the retail public utility being transferred is located and publication may be allowed, in lieu of individual notice --- (read law)
24.115 Cessation of operations by a retail public utility --- (read law)
24.8 Water and sewer service providers, (c) In cases involving a proposed sale, acquisition, lease, rental, merger, or consolidation of any water or sewer system required by law to possess a certificate of convenience and necessity, the proposed effective date of the transaction must be at least 120 days after the date that an application is received by the Public Utility Commission and public notice is provided, unless notice is waived for good cause shown. --- (read law)
24.85 Service extensions by a water supply or sewer service corporation or special utility district, public notice, response to requests for service by a retail public utility within its certificated area; link to notice graphic: --- (read law)
25.235 Electric service providers, notice of fuel proceedings in all proceedings involving refunds, surcharges or a proposal to change the fuel factor --- (read law)
36.103 Electric utilities, intent to change rates --- (read law)
36.105 Electric utilities, proposed rate change --- (read law)
36.106 Electric utilities, regional public hearing on proposed rate change --- (read law)
39.262 Electric utility or its affiliated power generation company, sale of assets : see (h)(4) --- (read law)
53.103 Public utilities, intent to change rates --- (read law)
58.059 Telecommunications companies, possible rate change --- (read law)
104.103 Gas utilities, intent to increase rates --- (read law)
121.453 Sour gas pipeline facilities, application for permit --- (read law)
163.056 Municipal power agencies, intention to create an agency --- (read law)
163.058 Municipal power agencies, election --- (read law)
163.061 Municipal power agencies, competitive bidding for construction contracts --- (read law)