Area of Law(23 items): Tax

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Code Content of Notice
1.085 Appraisal district, chief appraiser, Communicating in Electronic Format: (h) The chief appraiser shall provide notice regarding the availability of agreement forms authorizing electronic communication under this section. The chief appraiser shall provide the notice by: (1) publishing a notice in a newspaper having general circulation in the district at least once on or before February 1 of each year that includes the words "Notice of Availability of Electronic Communications"; or (2) delivering the agreement form on or before February 1, or as soon as practicable after that date, to each owner of property shown on the certified appraisal roll for the preceding tax year and on or before February 1 of each subsequent year, or as soon as practicable after that date, to each new owner of property shown on the certified appraisal roll for the preceding tax year. --- (read law)
6.062 Appraisal district chief appraiser, budget --- (read law)
6.11 Appraisal districts, competitive bidding requirement --- (read law)
11.14 Tangible personal property not producing income, public hearing --- (read law)
25.19 Appraisal districts, notice of appraised value to include statement that the governing body of the unit may not adopt a rate that will increase tax revenues for operating purposes from properties taxed in the preceding year without publishing notice in a newspaper that it is considering a tax increase and holding a hearing for taxpayers to discuss the tax increase --- (read law)
26.04 Assessor for a taxing unit, effective and rollback tax rates, notice by mail to each property owner in the unit or publish in a newspaper in the form prescribed by the comptroller --- (read law)
26.052 Taxing units with low tax levies, simplified tax rate --- (read law)
26.06 Governing body of a county, public hearing and vote on tax increase --- (read law)
33.25 Peace officer or assessor-collector, tax sale of seized personal property --- (read law)
33.49 Delinquent tax suits, sale or other notices --- (read law)
33.57 Alternative notice of tax foreclosure on certain parcels of real property --- (read law)
33.912 Tax assessor, intent to seize property --- (read law)
34.01 Sale of seized property or on foreclosure of tax lien --- (read law)
41.70 Appraisal review board, protest and appeal procedures --- (read law)
111.018 Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, notice of sale of seized property --- (read law)
162.011 Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, sale of seized property --- (read law)
182.088 Telegraph and utility companies, suspension of business permit --- (read law)
311.003 Tax Increment Financing Act, intent to create reinvestment zone --- (read law)
312.201 Property Redevelopment and Tax Abatement Act, designation of municipal reinvestment zone --- (read law)
312.401 Designation and reinvestment zone, public hearing in accordance with 312.201 requiring newspaper notice --- (read law)
321.1025 Certain regional transportation authorities, election and public hearings per requirements in Transportation Code 452 --- (read law)
321.1055 Fire control, prevention, and emergency medical services district or crime control and prevention district located in all or part of a municipality that imposes a tax on the residential use of gas and electricity under Section 321.105, IMPOSITION OF FIRE CONTROL OR CRIME CONTROL DISTRICT TAX ON THE RESIDENTIAL USE OF GAS AND ELECTRICITY, public notice of order or resolution --- (read law)
351.101 Municipal hotel occupancy taxes, use of revenue --- (read law)