Area of Law(9 items): Rules of Court

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Code Content of Notice
Rule 116 Service of citation by publication [The citation, when issued, shall be served by the sheriff or any constable of any county of the State of Texas or by the clerk of the court in which the case is pending, by having the same published once each week for four (4) consecutive weeks, the first publication to be at least twenty-eight (28) days before the return day of the citation. In all suits which do not involve the title to land or partition of real estate, such publication shall be made in the county where the suit is pending, if there be a newspaper published in said county, but if not, then in an adjoining county where a newspaper is published. In all suits which involve the title to land or partition of real estate, such publication shall be made in the county where the land, or a portion thereof, is situated, if there be a newspaper in such county, but if not, then in an adjoining county to the county where the land or a part thereof is situated, where a newspaper is published.] --- (read law)
Rule 117a 3. Citation in suits for delinquent ad valorem taxes, 3. Service by publication: nonresident, absent from state, transient, name unknown, residence unknown, owner unknown, heirs unknown, corporate officers, trustees, receivers or stockholders unknown, any other unknown persons owing or claiming or having an interest [citation shall be published in English language one time a week for two weeks in county in which property is located, which newspaper must have been in general circulation for at least one year immediately prior to the first publication ...] --- (read law)
Rule 117a 5. Citation in suits for delinquent ad valorem taxes [5. form of citation by publication or posting (template language for notice)] --- (read law)
Rule 187 Deposition to perpetuate testimony [2. notice and service: if verified petition states that name or residence of any expected adverse party is unknown to petitioner or his agent or attorney ... clerk of court shall on petitioner's request cause notice to any such party or parties to be published in some newspaper in county where petition is filed ... once a week for two consecutive weeks stating substance of petition, court in which it is filed and number thereof, name of petitioner, each of witnesses and their addresses, names and addresses of expected adverse parties, and that a hearing will be had on such petition at a designated time and place on or after the 14th day after publication of notice] --- (read law)
Rule 208 Depositions upon written question [2. notice by publication: in all civil suits where it shall be shown ... that a party is beyond jurisdiction of the court, or that he cannot be found ... so that written questions cannot be served upon him for the purpose of taking depositions ... the clerk of such court or justice of the peace shall thereupon cause notice to be published in some newspaper in county where suit is pending ... once each week for two consecutive weeks, stating number of suit, names of original parties, in what court suit is pending, name and resident of witness to whom the written questions are propounded and that a deposition will be taken on or after the 14th day after the first publication of such notice] --- (read law)
Rule 647 Notice of sale of real estate [time and place of sale or real estate under execution, order of sale, or venditioni exponas, shall be advertised by the officer by having notice thereof published in the English language once a week for three consecutive weeks preceeding such sale in some newspaper published in said county. First publication of notice shall appear not less than 20 days immediately preceeding day of sale. Notice shall contain statement of authority by virtue sale is to be made, time of levy, time and place of sale, brief description of property to be sold, number of acres, original survey, locality in county, name by which land is generally known, but it shall not be necessary for notice to contain field notes] --- (read law)
Rule 653 Resale of property [when terms of sale shall not be complied with by the bidder, levying officer shall proceed to sell the same property again on the same day, if there be sufficient time; but if not, he shall readvertise and sell the same as in the first instance (see Rule 647)] --- (read law)
Rule 758 Partition of real estate, where defendant is unknown or residence is unknown [clerk of court shall issue citation for publication ... served in accordance with the directions of Rule 116 (see entry for Rule 116) --- (read law)
Rule 811 Suits against non-residents, requisites of pleadings, service by publication [petition in actions authorized by Civil Practice and Remedies Code 17.003 shall state the real names of the plaintiff and defendant and shall describe the property involved with sufficient certainty to identify the same, the interest which plaintiff claims ... and whenever such petition has been duly filed and served by publication as required by Rules 114-116 (see entry, Rule 116)] --- (read law)