Area of Law(22 items): Finance

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Code Content of Notice
32.004 State banks, investigation of charter application --- (read law)
32.501 State banks, merger or conversion into another financial institution --- (read law)
33.002 State banks, application to acquire control in transfer of ownership interest --- (read law)
36.104 State banks, pending dissolution --- (read law)
36.205 State banks, bank closing --- (read law)
36.222 State banks, listing property in safe deposit and names of owners as shown in bank records --- (read law)
36.313 State banks, excess assets --- (read law)
62.006 Financial institutions and businesses, hearing on application to incorporate --- (read law)
66.301 Savings and loans, hearing to determine whether association should be liquidated --- (read law)
66.304 Savings and loans, liquidation of association, notice to creditors and savings account holders directing them to present and prove their claims --- (read law)
92.057 Savings banks, hearing on application to incorporate --- (read law)
96.301 Savings banks, hearing to determine whether savings bank should be liquidated --- (read law)
96.304 Savings banks, notice to creditors and deposit account holders directing them to present and prove their claims against savings bank --- (read law)
122.005 Credit unions, hearing on request for approval of an amendment to a credit union's articles of incorporation --- (read law)
126.302 Credit unions, notice to creditors and members to present and prove their claims when credit union ceases unrestricted operations --- (read law)
182.004 State trust companies, notice to solicit comments and protests, investigation of charter application and inquiry into the identity and character of each proposed director, manager, officer, managing participant, and principal shareholder or participant --- (read law)
182.501 State trust company, transation in merger or conversion of a state trust company into another trust institution exercising fiduciary powers --- (read law)
183.002 State trust companies, application to acquire control, ownership, management --- (read law)
186.104 State trust companies, pending dissolution --- (read law)
186.205 State trust companies, closing --- (read law)
186.222 State trust companies, listing names of owners of property in safe deposit as shown in state trust company's records --- (read law)
186.313 State trust companies, meeting of shareholders or participants and participant-transferees regarding distribution of excess assets after liquidation --- (read law)