Area of Law(38 items): Education

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Code Content of Notice
11.052 Single-member trustee school districts, county with a population of less than 10,000, opportunity for public to comment on whether or not they favor the election of trustees in the manner proposed by the board --- (read law)
11.1541 School districts, donation of surplus property, notice of school board hearing on resolution to authorize a donation --- (read law)
12.117 Charter schools, opportunity to apply for admission --- (read law)
13.003 School districts, petition and election on creation, consolidation or abolition of district --- (read law)
25.156 Model policy governing voluntary religious expression in public schools --- (read law)
29.916 School districts, home-schooled student merit scholarship and advanced placement testing --- (read law)
39.053 School districts, performance report, public school system accountability --- (read law)
39.083 School districts, public hearing, opportunity for public to comment on annual financial management report --- (read law)
39.106 School districts, campus intervention team, public hearing --- (read law)
39.107 School districts, public hearing, after a campus has been identified as unacceptable for two consecutive school years, the commissioner shall order the reconstitution of the campus --- (read law)
39.306 School district board of trustees, performance report, notice of hearing for public discussion on report --- (read law)
44.004 School districts, budget and tax rate meeting, budget adoption --- (read law)
44.031 School districts, competitive bidding, contracts valued at $50,000 or more in aggregate for each 12-month period --- (read law)
44.033 School districts, purchase of personal property if value of items is at least $10,000 but less than $25,000 in aggregate for 12-month period --- (read law)
44.038 School districts, contracts for facilities, construction manager-at-risk --- (read law)
44.04 School districts, selecting contractor for construction services through competitive bidding --- (read law)
45.003 School districts, bond and tax election --- (read law)
45.082 School districts, sale of property requesting sealed written proposals from prospective purchasers to purchase the real property --- (read law)
52.82 Higher Education Coordinating Board, student loan program, issuance, bonds --- (read law)
53A.36 Higher education facilities, bond resolution election --- (read law)
53.36 Higher education authorities, intention to adopt resolution authorizing issuance of bonds --- (read law)
54.0533 Student fee advisory committee meetings --- (read law)
54.519 University of North Texas, change in student union fee --- (read law)
66.66 Permanent University Fund, lease or sale of university lands --- (read law)
85.54 Texas A&M University System, method for advertising of leases --- (read law)
19 TAC 97.1051 Definition of "newspaper" according to Texas Education Code Chaper 39 and Subchapter EE, ACCREDITATION STATUS, STANDARDS, AND SANCTIONS, of Texas Administrative Code 19 TAC 97, which cites Government Code Sec. 2051.044, TYPE OF NEWSPAPER REQUIRED --- (read law)
19 TAC 97.1055 School districts, accreditation status --- (read law)
19 TAC 100.1207 Open enrollment charter schools, opportunity to apply for admission --- (read law)
109A.005 Angelo State University, public meeting re transfer of San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts --- (read law)
19 TAC 109.1001 Texas Education Agency, commissioner's rules concerning financial accountability, notice of hearing on annual financial management report within two months after receiving a final financial accountability rating --- (read law)
19 TAC 109.1001 School boards, public hearing on annual financial management report --- (read law)
19 TAC 109.1005 School districts, annual financial management report, public hearing --- (read law)
109.64 Texas Tech University System, sale of mineral leases --- (read law)
130.066 Junior college districts, hearing on proposal to add contiguous territory to district --- (read law)
130.082 Boards of Trustees of Junior College Districts, governing board of junior college of other than independent school district, election --- (read law)
130.122 Junior college districts, tax bonds and maintenance tax election --- (read law)
140.005 See Local Government Code Sec. 140.005 relating to preparation of annual financial statement of school, road or other district --- (read law)
140.006 See Local Government Code Sec. 140.006 relating to publication of annual financial statement by school district, road district or other district --- (read law)