Area of Law(4 items): Business-Commerce

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Code Content of Notice
7.210 Warehouseman lien, enforcement of --- (read law)
9.5185 Owner of the property, financial statement, notice to known or unknown defendant --- (read law)
17.49 Deceptive Trade Practices, Sec. 17.49. EXEMPTIONS. (a) Nothing in this subchapter shall apply to the owner or employees of a regularly published newspaper, magazine, or telephone directory, or broadcast station, or billboard, wherein any advertisement in violation of this subchapter is published or disseminated, unless it is established that the owner or employees of the advertising medium have knowledge of the false, deceptive, or misleading acts or practices declared to be unlawful by this subchapter, or had a direct or substantial financial interest in the sale or distribution of the unlawfully advertised good or service. Financial interest as used in this section relates to an expectation which would be the direct result of such advertisement. --- (read law)
23.17 Assignee, re insolvency, fraudulent transfers, notice of assignee's appointment, assignment for benefit of creditor --- (read law)