Area of Law(62 items): Agriculture

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Code Content of Notice
4 TAC 3.3 Boll weevil eradication program, election --- (read law)
4 TAC 3.53 Boll weevil eradication program, prohibition against planting cotton --- (read law)
4 TAC 3.54 Boll weevil eradication program, failure to comply with prohibition --- (read law)
4 TAC 3.73 Boll weevil eradication program, publication requirement for participation --- (read law)
4 TAC 27.302 Texas Department of Agriculture and Texas Citrus Pest and Disease Management Corporation, referendum establishing suppression program --- (read law)
4 TAC 15.1 Egg law, definition of advertisement --- (read law)
4 TAC 15.12 Egg law, deceptive advertising --- (read law)
4 TAC 17.29 Agriculture Commissioner, Texas Grain Producer Indemnity Program, proposed referendum --- (read law)
4 TAC 18.2 Organic standards and certification, definition of mulch includes newspaper --- (read law)
4 TAC 23.103 Beef Checkoff Program, referendum --- (read law)
4 TAC 23.22 Commodity organizations, certification of commodity organizations, election plan required, notice of submission of election plan must be published in a newspaper --- (read law)
4 TAC 23.221 Agriculture Commissioner, Texas Grain Producer Indemnity Board, elections and referendum, Legal notice must be published 90 days prior to the referendum in one or more statewide or regional newspapers that provide reasonable notice throughout the state. --- (read law)
4 TAC 30.1 Texas Department of Agriculture, Community Development Program, allocation of program funds, multi-jurisdictional applications, notice of public hearing --- (read law)
4 TAC 30.23 Texas Community Development Plan, Citizen Participation Process, public notice of proposed application --- (read law)
4 TAC 30.24 Texas Community Development Fund, additional hearing requirements, public notice --- (read law)
4 TAC 30.50 Community Development Fund, Regional Review Committees, notice of public hearing as specified in (2)(A)(II) --- (read law)
4 TAC 30.7 Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas Community Development Program, Regional Review Committees, notice of public hearing on application to adopt local project priorities and objective scoring factors --- (read law)
4 TAC 40.6 Texas Animal Health Commission, Chronic Wasting Disease Movement Restriction Zone, Notice of High Risk Designation. The Executive Director shall give notice of the restrictions by publishing notice in a newspaper published in the county where the restrictions will be established, or by other accepted practices or publications which circulate information in the county or counties. --- (read law)
41.023 Finance programs of research, disease and insect control, predator control, referendum and election --- (read law)
41.034 Commodity producers boards, election to add territory --- (read law)
41.213 Agriculture commissioner, grain producers, statewide referendum, notice of referendum --- (read law)
4 TAC 49.6 Texas Animal Health Commission, notice by Commission or Executive Director of Order to Test in a High Risk County or Area for Equine Piroplasmosis --- (read law)
52.084 Cooperative marketing associations, meetings --- (read law)
4 TAC 58.12 Animal Health Commission, quarantine --- (read law)
60.024 Agricultural development districts, petition to establish district --- (read law)
60.031 Agricultural development districts, creation of district --- (read law)
60.129 Agricultural development districts, public hearing --- (read law)
61.017 Agricultural products, publication of prosecutions of violations --- (read law)
71.008 Horticultural diseases and pests, control or eradication zone --- (read law)
71.009 Horticultural diseases and pests, seizure, treatment, destruction of plants, plant products, other substances --- (read law)
71.0091 Seizure, treatment and destruction of a citrus plant, citrus plant product or citrus substance --- (read law)
71.0092 Seizure, treatment, handling and destruction of certain materials within quarantined area --- (read law)
74.106 Boll weevil eradication foundation, board elections --- (read law)
74.117 Cotton diseases and pests, entry of premises, eradication activities, inspections --- (read law)
74.118 Cotton diseases and pests, authority to prohibit planting and require participation in eradication program? --- (read law)
76.005 Pesticide and herbicide regulation, public hearing --- (read law)
76.144 County herbicide regulations, public hearing --- (read law)
78.015 Noxious weed control districts, public hearing on petition to create district --- (read law)
78.033 Noxious weed control district, annual meeting --- (read law)
78.071 Crosby County Noxious Weed Control District, public hearing to exclude land --- (read law)
80.007 Official citrus producers' pest and disease management corporation, proposed or established pest management zone, notice of board election --- (read law)
80.019 Official citrus producers' pest and disease management corporation, notice of planned schedule to enter groves or premises --- (read law)
80.020 Official citrus producers' pest and disease management corporation, authority to prohibit planting of citrus and require participation in suppression program, notice of a prohibition or requirement --- (read law)
131.024 Seizure of bees, equipment, pollen or honey --- (read law)
142.009 Impoundment of estray, public notice if owner of estray is unknown --- (read law)
143.022 Local option election to prevent certain animals from running at large --- (read law)
143.052 Limited free range for hogs, local option election --- (read law)
161.062 Quarantine, control of animal diseases and pests --- (read law)
161.063 Quarantine against another state, territory or country --- (read law)
163.061 Brucellosis control, public hearing, cooperative program, classification of control areas, enforcement --- (read law)
164.042 Scabies control, quarantine --- (read law)
167.006 Tick eradication area, designation --- (read law)
167.023 Tick eradication, quarantine of free area --- (read law)
201.004 Soil and water conservation districts, public hearing, election? --- (read law)
202.042 Wind erosion districts, assessment, prehearing requirements (Chapter 202 repealed by 83rd Texas Legislature, CSHB 2153) --- (read law)
202.043 Wind erosion districts, public hearing on assessment (Chapter 202 repealed by 83rd Texas Legislature, CSHB 2153) --- (read law)
301.107 Weather modification and control permit, notice of intention to apply for permit --- (read law)
301.110 Weather modification and control, application and notice of intention, to be published as required by this chapter --- (read law)
301.111 Weather modification and control, intention to modify weather --- (read law)
301.112 Weather modification and control, public notice of intention to apply for permit --- (read law)
301.113 Weather modification and control, public notice affidavit --- (read law)
301.161 Weather modification and control, election for approval of permit that includes authorization for hail suppression --- (read law)